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    All Of David Letterman’s “Late Show” Videos Have Been Removed From YouTube And CBS’s Site

    Update: Because CBS doesn't own the copyright anymore and Worldwide Pants are "considering a range of options."

    David Letterman retired from the Late Show in May, and with a show lasting more than 20 years, he had quite a back catalogue of videos online.

    Worldwide Pants / Via

    However, there's a weird thing that's going on right now.

    If you visit his YouTube page right now, you will see that every video of his show has disappeared.

    A source at CBS says that the videos have been removed from the site as the digital rights have returned to Letterman's production company, Worldwide Pants, which owns the rights to the show, and that CBS no longer owns the rights. The agency that represents Letterman and Worldwide Pants told BuzzFeed News, "As you might imagine, there is significant interest in the Worldwide Pants-owned content. We are currently considering a range of options."

    So that means everything from his final shows, from the star-studded "Top 10 List"...

    To his last monologue...

    Worldwide Pants

    Now all looks like this.

    It also means that any video that you’ve seen embedded on other websites no longer work either, which effectively means that a great slab of Letterman’s material has been removed from the internet.

    And on the CBS website, you will find all Late Show videos are no longer there.

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