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18 Photos That Define How "Summer Break" Changes Throughout Life

Life is always changing, but with Scotiabank’s debit rewards cards, every summer is rewarding.

1. The first few summers consist of being dragged around by big people.

2. But after a while, it turns into three months of nonstop fun and games.

3. Some summers are spent away from home, near a lake, building stuff and making friends.

4. Friends that are kept for a whole bunch of summers that follow.

5. Teenage summers are often about finding independence.

6. And a precious few are about hanging out with someone special.

7. There may be a few summers spent studying in the sun.

8. And those will turn into a lot of summers spent at work.

9. With a few summer events sprinkled in to spice up the day-to-day.

10. Summer weekends will start in gridlock somewhere like this.

11. But it's time well spent to get to spend a couple days doing this.

12. Or maybe this.

13. Or maybe even this.

14. There are summers when you push yourself to achieve your perfect beach bod.

15. Then some are spent eating whatever you want with the people you love.

16. Then, even more summers will be about reconnecting around a grill.

17. Eventually, summer will be about showing new family members what summer's all about.

18. And before you know it, you're being dragged around again (by little people, this time).

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