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12 Holiday Care Package Ideas To Send Loved Ones Away From Home

Being away from home during the holidays stinks. Send your loved ones an adorable care package using Scotch® Heavy Duty Packaging Tape!

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1. Make them a snow globe!

You can customize it based on their interests, and anything homemade always makes for a thoughtful gift. Directions here!

5. Send the dry ingredients of their favorite holiday cookies.

This way they won't miss out on your mom's incredible cookies! You can include the ingredients in a decorated mason jar.

7. Send them a placeholder of their favorite ornament.

Who doesn't want an ornament of an owl knitting?!

8. Add some cozy slippers!

Extra credit for slippers fit for an elf or anything with ears.

9. And a variety of things they can spread on buttered toast!

Think jam, honey, lemon curd, apple butter — any tiny jar of goodness that can instantly create a delicious breakfast on a cold morning!

10. Create a custom Advent calendar in a jar.

You can write sweet memories you shared together, or just add reminders of all their misguided life choices — directions here!