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12 Helpful Tips For People Who Struggle With Gift Wrapping

Picture-perfect wrapping is easier than it looks with a few simple tips! And make sure to keep Scotch® Double Sided Tape on hand to secure ribbons, bows, and finishing touches.

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1. Always wrap gifts on a hard surface like a table or hard floor.


You'll be able to cut and measure the paper more accurately and avoid weird wrinkles. (Seriously, get off the carpet!)

2. Measure carefully to make sure you're not using too much or too little paper.

Courtesy of Anne-Marie Kovacs / The Succulent Wife / Via

Too much can look sloppy and too little means you'll be tempted to patch up bare spots. The Succulent Wife has more tips for perfect measuring, cutting, and wrapping.

4. Neat edges = a super-professional finish.

Fold the edges of the paper under and crease all the seams as you go by gently pinching between your fingers. For more tips on how to wrap a seamless gift, check out The Shabby Creek Cottage.

8. Upcycle materials you have lying around your home to add a unique touch.

Courtesy of How About Orange / Via

Make a super-awesome gift bow from an old magazine. How About Orange has the tutorial — and it's easier than it looks!

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