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DIY Kids' Art Gallery

Display your kids’ masterpieces and easily swap them out through the school year without leaving a mark on your wall!


Poster paper

Kids’ drawings



Scotch® Wall-Safe Tape


1. Cut the poster paper into 11”x13” sheets.

2. Cut an 8”x10½” rectangle from the center, creating a frame shape. Adjust the frame measurements according to the size of the artwork.

3. Cut 3”x2” pieces of poster paper. Write the name of the artwork and your child’s age.

4. Decorate the frames with your kids or mix and match different poster colors!

5. Use Scotch® Wall-Safe Tape to first secure the drawings and then the frames onto a wall. Attach the art labels below the frames.

6. With easy-to-peel Scotch® Wall-Safe Tape, swap out drawings over the course of the school year without damaging your walls!