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Your Rear End Could Be Racist!

Don't be afraid to admit, but your buttocks could be racist.

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Don't Be Fooled! Recent Studies Show..

Racism is not a joke, and is still around today, but nobody would've ever thought that your beloved rear end would be racist too! But how? Well, let's break down what racism is... OK, Racism is basically considering someone of another race lower than another race. That one race is superior and capable of more things. Which of course, is not true. As we have said in many of our videos, black people cannot be racist, so don't worry, if you're black then your arse isn't racist. Now, let's get to the next topic which will help prove the point. Another thing about racism is removing value from someone just because of their skin or popular beliefs about others with a different skin color, even if you haven't said these things, you're still racist! Your butt, believe it or not, is the third most intelligent part of your body, it releases gas, and is able to provide support when it is slightly needed. Which brings us to the final point, if you harm or assault someone of another skin color then you are racist and should be in jail! Letting out gas, you have to admit is pretty assaulting to your nose, which therefore means that whenever your arse decides to let out gas nearby or onto a person of another race, it is making you all the more racist. Now that you know, don't be afraid to admit it, admitting the problem is the first step to solving it. -Scotch (via BuzzFeed).

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