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The 29 Most Awkward GIFs That Ever Happened

You know what's awkward: tripping over in public or getting your skirt tucked into your pants. You know what shouldn't be awkward: talking to a disabled person. Scope wants to shine a light on the awkwardness that many people feel about disability and help End The Awkward.

1. When this guy was in a hurry

2. When this woman took the wrong escalator

3. When this policeman couldn't get the door open

4. Just… THIS

5. When Bernie Ecclestone tried to flee the press - but spun too far and tried to style it out

6. This prank gone wrong / Via

It's just… Awkward.

7. When this guy didn't realise his own strength

8. When this sword trick failed / Via

"Yeah… I'm just going to pretend that I wasn't even trying to do that trick."

9. When Justin Bieber met a revolving door

10. When this dog didn't make the jump

11. When this bro hit the gym

12. When this show-off buckled the jump

13. When this guy had to go back to work and explain to his boss why he was all wet

14. When this guy took a seat at a conference

15. This almighty trip

16. When this couple didn't notice a bear - an actual bear - outside their house / Via

Backstory: They didn't even realise this had happened until they got home and checked their security cameras.

17. When this pedestrian tried to step in a puddle

18. These guys who are possibly the worst high-fivers in the world

19. Not the kiss… Wait for it… / Via

Dat face.

20. When this guy tried to be suave

21. This sword salute

22. When these fireworks organisers accidentally set off all 7,000 fireworks at once / Via

Like a beautiful apocalypse.

23. When this door, wasn't a door

24. When this dog got caught in the act / Via

Play time is OVER!

25. When this kid gets caught throwing shapes / Via

Even though he's actually really good.

26. When this guy got caught digging for gold

27. When this guy got caught staring at Princess Mary's cleavage

28. When this happens, and you want to die

29. When this guy's advances were rejected

You know what isn't awkward? Talking to a disabled person.

Disability can make people feel awkward. They don’t know what to say or how to act.

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But it doesn't have to be this way.

Scope exists to make this country a place where disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to help put an End To Awkward.

Find out how awkward you are. Take the Scope quiz today.