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11 Moments When You Wish You Had Fresher Breath

Life's just better fresher. Keep it fresh with Scope at Walmart, especially this August 6th for National Fresh Breath Day.

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1. When you meet a new person and want to leave a good first impression.

2. When you're on the synchronized bubble team, because seriously, who wants a stinky bubble.

3. When you're trying to be adorably intimidating, fresh breath definitely helps.

4. When you're the new kid in town and need to keep your cool.

5. When you're blowing out your birthday candles, because no one wants stank all over the cake.

6. When you're trying to get some love from mommy, cause momma don't got time for no smelly kissies.

7. When you finally realize that you're at the wrong party.

8. When you're greeting a new member of the family.

9. When you're on a date and wanna impress that special someone.

10. When you're on vacation, because who knows what local customs entail.

11. When you're on the kiss cam, because who knows what might happen.