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UNCC Garden And Greenhouse

Do you find yourself swamped with homework? Do you need somewhere to relax and not have a worry in the world? Go visit the UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens and The McMillan Greenhouse.

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If you are feeling down and need some inspiration visit the McMillan Greenhouse located right across from PaTs Parking services.

The Greenhouse has multiple different rooms that you can explore. My favorites are the orchid and sunroom.

You take my breath away

I love adventure and when I visit the Greenhouse it makes me feel like I am in a jungle. You go under plants and trees and the cool mist hits you. The beautiful flowers and plants that surround you make you smile even if you don't want to.

Turn your brain off

When I visit the Gardens I like to relax and take everything off of my mind. I go to this bridge and sit on the edge and just let everything fly out of my mind. I breathe in and out and let the wind take my worries away.

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