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This place hid from me. I didn't know about this place until I googled some bars around me. Right behind of Chili's near the university area. I thought this place was neat, it had taps at the tables, which I know if you are a beer lover you'd enjoy it.

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Kentucky Buck

Guess what? I didn't get a margarita. Yes, I know .. but don't worry because I will next time!

This drink was really different and delicious though. I don't usually tend to veer towards dark liquor but this drink was delightful and sometimes you just have to step out of your comfort zone. #yum

Crazy, Delicious Drinks

These drinks sound amazing. If I could, I would've loved to try them all. Especially the Black Cherry Smash... sounds like heaven. The names are just as creative as their appearance. #beauty #sogood

Fresh is the best

This queso was THICK. That is how you know it is good cheese.

I got a side of salsa and oh goodness. It was fresh and absolutely mouthwatering. I never usually like fresh salsa but this was really good.


I figured while I was at TacoMac I HAD to get some tacos. I was upset it wasn't Tuesday but that's ok.

I chose the classic street taco because why not? After ordering though, I probably should've done the mix n match and tried a couple of their tacos but I didn't.

Honestly, I didn't care for them. They weren't as delicious as I thought they would be. I still ate them but not my favorite.

Salad Taco?

Looks more like a salad than a taco right? That is how it tasted. The taco meat wasn't that good, the queso probably helped the flavor a lot.

I did, however, enjoy my parmesan zucchini. So that is a plus.

P.s I did order a cheesecake but I guess I forgot to take a picture I wanted it that bad!! It was a big slice, but again, not the best.


Joleen says, "Very cool atmosphere and the food is good, but the service is less than par. They have a lot of craft beer options on tap. I just wish the service was better."

Ryan T Says, "I come here a lot as I live really close by. It's a solid go to spot, but only when you have time to kill. In fact I'm currently sitting at this location and after 2 hours I am just getting food that was order an hour ago."

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