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Best place to have parties, get togethers, or just hangout. This place has more seating then you would think. I would reccomend this place all day every day.

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Dessert First...ALWAYS

I have a BIG sweet tooth, and I think it is because I was nicknamed Sarah Sweets. Everywhere I go I always look at the dessert Menu to see if they have anything good. Let me tell you this place has insane desserts. From a giant cinnamon roll to this banana fosters cheesecake. Which was amazing.

Drinks? Yes please.

This I believe is a Bahama Mama, I say think because I wanted so many drinks I forgot which one I actually ordered! Ha, unbelieveable, I know. Nonetheless this drink was great just like all of the others, the bartender was so helpful in making me what I wanted.


Do you like barbeque? What about sweet baby rays? These shrimp are sweet baby rays flavor and they are to DIE for. I kid you not, the best shirmp i've had. They give you a couple of flavors to choose from but the BBQ is the best. You have to try it!



I visited this establisment right before the hurricane hit, on a weekday. It was pouring rain outside and who wants to go out in that? However, there were a couple of people at the bar and people that came in and out. This place is usually always busy from what I can see by the parking lot everyday. They have plenty of TVs to watch football games so bring some friends and check out the place.


Love this place! Great pricing and yummy food and desserts. They have a ton of options so you are guaranteed to find something you like. They're open late too so if other places are closing it's a great place to get a late night meal. Sydney states on 05/05/2017.

This was my first time visiting Macado's. It took a minute for me to decide what i wanted because there were so many great choices but we had an awesome waiter who was very patient. When the food arrived it was delicious and very filling. We'll be back! - Darryl on 01/14/2017

I saw nothing but good reviews about this place. I've told so many friends about this place and even have gotten my roommate a job here!

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