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Kickback Jack's

Want a good place to hang out and have fun? This is the place to go. With outdoor and indoor seating you get the best of both worlds. Cheering inside the restaurant and shouting outside the restaruant while watching football and playing cournhole. I've also still managed to stay under $30 incase you guys were wondering.

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Sand bucket or bucket for drinking?


When I go out I usually limit myself to two drinks, just because I want to be responsible. This drink however, is a bucket. This bucket is normally 8.50 but on the day I went it was on special for 6.50. I figured I would try it since it was my first time at the place. It was delicious, perfect mixture of alcohol and juice ratio.

This drink comes in three flavors : Strawberry Mango, The Original Cruzan Rum Bucket, or The Corona-Rite. If you guys noticed in all of my other blog posts I usually go with something tropical/ fruity. I chose the Strawberry Mango and it was great!

Pickle Back?

I don't know if you've ever tried a pickle back but I haven't and I want to! I love pickles and thought this would be a great drink to try. However, mixed with my Strawberry-Mango drink I didn't think so. I wanted to wait until another day to try it, also it wasn't on special. ( I went on Sunday)

Most bars you go to they have a couple specials but this place had a bunch to offer every single day. Now that I know pickle backs ar a speical on Mondays and Saturdays I will be back for sure!

Bang for your buck!

Like I said earlier, I came on Sunday. Mistake or not? It was crowded. Everyone was watching football and there wasn't a seat in sight. While I was waiting I saw a seat at the very corner end of their big wrap around bar. I snagged it and starting looking at the menu. (If you like to stay out late this place doesn't close until 2:00AM which is another great thing!)

It was about 2:00 so I figured lunch would be appropriate. I looked at their lunch specials and thought, what could I get that is filling but yet still healthy to meet my diet. One of my favorite things, soup and salad. Plus for 7.00 that sounded like a deal to me.

Bon Appétit

One thing you may not know about me is that I LOVE chili. I don't really like spicy food and this chili had a little kick, but it was well worth it. Between the hot chili (it was a little cold out that day) and the cool salad and drink. I was super happy with this dish. I would get this lunch option again. Now you can choose other soups or a house salad as well, this is just what I went with because I love chili.

Being at the corner of the bar I made some friends who were rooting for the Panthers and doing shots with their friends. The atmosphere was so lively and my style. I also didn't take a picture but they had a pool table that I played also. (and won because they got the 8 ball in and the white ball followed -- how lucky!)



Jesus writes, "first of all I am giving them 5 stars because I am comparing their location on battlerground. The major things I like here at the High Point location compared to battleground:

-outside seating, cornhole game, crowd coming here, service, awesome. It was about time Hams & buffalo wild wings gets some real competition here."

Mary States, “A large bar for eating/drinking is in the middle of the room, with plenty of TVs lining the perimeter.”

Kia says, "New location Stand a lone building with ample private parking lot behind Panera Bread.”

Like I said earlier this place is very new so it only had these three reviews on yelp for this location I went to.

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