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Jamba Juice?

Why do all bars have to sell alcohol? They don't! I recently started a 'health' kick and didn't want the unnecessary calories fro a sugary drink.

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Juice without alochol?

Lately i've noticed I am busier than ever and haven't had time to 'go out'. Today, before I headed to work I figured I'd "get a drink". (Non-alcoholic of course)

I went to Jamba Juice and told them to make me a juice with lemon, apple, orange, and carrot. I didn't like any of the options they had so I just created my own based off whatever fruits n veggies they had. It was delicious and I got in my fruits and vegetables.

Bowl are for soup aren't they?

Again, while I was rushing to work this morning I figured since I didn't have time to meal prep this morning I would grab an energy bowl. It's both healthy and delicious. I've had the acai bowl before and loved it until I found the island bowl and its the next best thing. Instead of acai, they use pitaya which is dragon fruit, and it's even better. (Usually, the bowls are purple but this fruit its pink)


This bowl is so great and I recommend it 100000%! If I could buy this bowl every day but that would eat away at my bank account. I found acai packets to make my own but I need to find pitaya packets somewhere. Please try this and let me know what you guys think!


"Jamba is 100% my favorite smoothie place. They have the best tasting and healthiest choices and a great environment. I would highly recommend Jamba to everyone." Says Angel. She was in within the last week and had this to say!

Duffy from 4 weeks ago-- "The smoothie wasn't remarkable and customer service was poor"

I will give my own testimonial and will say they kind of don't train the new people well and leave them to fend for themselves. Other than that I've nothing bad happen and everything had always been great here. Like I said if I could get this every day I will. I'm going to try and make these at home and will check back in and let you know how it turns out! If I can save some money that way.

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