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This Game That Just Launched Is A Crazy, Fast, Round Of Bird Watching. CHECK IT OUT!

don't miss out on this wildly addictive game. It ain't bird watching with grandma.. that's for sure.

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"Birds and Squirrels" keeps selling out of proto decks!


"Birds and Squirrels" is just like watching birds on a powerline but, much more exciting and fast paced. Up to 6 people take turns flipping cards over onto power lines. Once someone has a full perch of cards they may count the birds up and add them to their score.

Watch out for hawks that chase everyone's birds away and squirrels that scare off your own cards. After filling a line with bird cards and empty cards you can take your score as it stands or, you can try to fill in the empty card spots with more birds. You do run the risk of getting a squirrel or a hawk, though.

After a line is successfully cleared, pick up another card to get going. Just add your points to your score and, then it is the next player's turn again. The game is over when someone reaches a set number of points.

Pretty simple right?

We will see how simple you think it is when you are flipping cards at 90 miles an hour with a five year old looking you dead in the eye.

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