14 Reasons Why A Pet Makes The Ultimate Road Trip Buddy

When going the distance, bring a friend. And there’s no better way to get there than by driving something that really packs a punch, like the New 2014 Scion tC.

1. When pets realize they're not going to the vet, they get really excited about the trip.

__devilishgoddess__ / Via instagram.com

2. You'll always have someone willing to drive when you get tired (but you should probably ask a human).

beanygren / Via instagram.com

3. Road style is something they take very seriously.

Bruno Cordioli / Via Flickr: br1dotcom

4. You always have a place to keep your sunglasses.

Charles Nadeau / Via Flickr: chucknado

5. If you ever forget how awesome it is to stick your head out the window, they’ll remind you.

Andrew Morrell / Via Flickr: andrewmorrell

6. They'll help you with your blind spots.

yorgodzilla / Via instagram.com

7. Pets look cooler on the dash than dancing hula girls.

Liz Poage / Via Flickr: liz-grace

8. They always like the music you play.

robbiewright_ / Via instagram.com

9. And if you have a sad tale to tell, they'll listen.

mistermacho / Via instagram.com

10. Their bathroom breaks take no time at all.

Ivan Mlinaric / Via Flickr: eye1

11. You’ve always got an extra set of warning lights.

guitarbren2736 / Via instagram.com

12. For finding tasty eats, they know the way.

shanonlh / Via instagram.com

13. They make for the best backseat drivers ever.

hillary h / Via Flickr: hillaryandanna

14. And when you're all done, they'll even help you clean out the trunk.

Bart Everson / Via Flickr: editor

Inspired by the New 2014 Scion tC:

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