15 Signs That You’re A Complete Sports Fanatic

You’ve accepted it as your life’s obsession. And if you want to drive something that packs as much of a punch as your team, there’s the New 2014 Scion tC.

1. Instead of watching cartoons, you were raised watching the game:

amyjomamadj / Via instagram.com

2. Your dedication is extremely permanent. Literally inked onto your skin forever.

jordannavarro90 / Via instagram.com

3. TVs will always have a magnetic effect on you:

kalead / Via instagram.com

4. You go to sports bars to watch the game, but you wear headphones and listen to the radio broadcast so you can hear (and no one will disturb you):

liceysta / Via instagram.com

5. When you can’t be near a TV, you constantly check your phone:

instagram.com / Via alexmarq1987

6. You proudly own a piece of a stadium:

7. There’s also a glorious man cave that you really enjoy retreating to whenever possible:

marstermoose / Via instagram.com

8. When your team loses, depression strikes:

Tim Dawson / Via Flickr: cowcoptim

9. You’re never in short supply of face paint:

ariellemacleod / Via instagram.com

10. You may have hated math in high school, but now you can’t get enough statistics:

jaretthite44 / Via instagram.com

11. You own more jerseys than anything else:

sal_fassari / Via instagram.com

12. …and at least one pair of lucky socks:

Catherine Bulinski / Via Flickr: kasiaflickr

13. Your dream wedding looks something like this:

hjplanner / Via instagram.com

14. Your firstborn is (or will be) named after an athlete:

Ashley Webb / Via Flickr: xlordashx

15. And if you go too long without taking in this view, you start to feel REALLLLY homesick:

digitizedchaos / Via Flickr: digitizedchaos

Inspired by the New 2014 Scion tC:

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