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Real Life Bicycle Innovations

With green energy becoming an important commodity, one of the best things we can do to conserve is to ride our bikes. But that doesn't mean you have to give up awesome bike gadgets and innovations. Saddle up your Schwinn, and grab some of these forward-thinking bicycle innovations.

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Monkeyelectric's Monkey Lights

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If you wanna go all out (and stay safe while you do so) grab Monkeyelectric's Party Monkey Lights. The lights come preloaded with a series of patterns that not only make you very visible to any traffic, but will also cause you to start a parade wherever you ride.

iHome's Bike to Beach Bicycle Speaker

Earbuds or headphones are a bad idea for a biker, but a soundtrack to cruising shouldn't be anything he or she has to miss out on. Enter: bike speakers. These bad boys will ensure that you're cruisin' in style.

Schwinn's Balance Bike

The most important part of your life as a bicyclist is that first ride. Avoiding scraped knees and tears is usually part of it but not if you use Balance Bike. Part bike, part scooter, and all fun: the Balance Bike teaches kids to ride without training wheels.

Purple Sky Flags

Just a flag, you say? No! Bike flags are super important to bike safety, and Purple Sky flags are built to provide high daytime visibility and extremely high night time reflective properties. Sure, a helmet will help you in an accident, but being more visible could prevent that accident from happening in the first place.

SeaSucker's Vacuum-Mounted Bike Racks

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Nothing's more important to a bike vacation than making sure your precious bicycle makes it there. SeaSucker can assure you that'll be the case.


It's as important to store your bike properly (to ensure a long lifespan!) as it is to ride it. Cycloc’s unique shape, combined with your bike's own weight, holds it instantly in place and you can even attach a normal bike lock for security.

Mitchell Silva's GLO-BARS

Boston-based industrial designer Mitchell Silva created Glo-Bars: a prototype for a cost-effective handlebar system that has integrated LED lighting. These LEDs light up the path for the cyclist, while also rendering the rider very visible to everyone else around. As an important bonus, they can also act as directional blinkers.

Michael Lambourn's Smartlock

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Michael Lambourn presents the Smart Lock, which allows the cyclist to lock both wheels and the frame and if breached, helps the authorities identify your bike, and links the perpetrator to the crime by staining the ground identifying areas vulnerable to theft.

Schwinn's Delmar Cruiser

Riding around the beach on a Cruiser could not be a better activity for the weekend, but what if you could roll up to your beaching buddies WITH a beverage and bottle opener conveniently on your bicycle? Choose the Cruiser that has exactly what you need.

DK City's db-RevO / Via

db-RevO from Taiwanese bike company DK City allows riders to make the transformation to electric by just replacing the front wheel. All you have to do is replace the front wheel, attach a wireless console to the handlebars and voilà: an electrically-powered bike.