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This Smart Surge Protector Is The Perfect Holiday Gift For The Forgetful Person On Your List

It might sound fancy shmancy, but the APC™ smart surge is just as user-friendly as it is smart.

Well, you're in luck! APC™ by Schneider Electric's brand-spankin'-new smart surge is the perfect home tech solution for anybody who daydreams about a home that listens to their command and also wants to safeguard their devices against unexpected surge damage.

It's Alexa-enabled and connects to a smart speaker so you can control devices WITH YOUR VOICE.

Which honestly is a gift for both you and your pets.

And if you need to get a few of the devices in your room going but don't want to get out of bed, the APC Home app lets you group and control devices with just the touch of a button.

We all forget to turn lights off sometimes. No biggie! The APC Home app lets you control devices from wherever and even lets you set schedules to wake your house up with you to make things safer and more efficient.

It's simple and easy to use but boasts some pretty awesome features that make it an impressive holiday gift for the lazy or forgetful person on your list. What's better than a gift that's smart AND safe?!

Images courtesy of APC™ by Schneider Electric

Get APC's smart surge protector for the person on your holiday list who will appreciate a gift that's both practical and unique!