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Tell Us Your Shaving Routine And We'll Predict Your Current Relationship Status

It takes a lot of work to keep things nice and smooth!

It’s amazing how many parallels there are between your shaving routine and your current relationship status. Surprised? Don’t be! Tell us if these statements better describe your love life or your shaving routine. Schick® Hydro will give you the inside scoop on both!

No matter what your shaving routine looks like, Schick® has your back. The NEW Schick® Hydro Skin Comfort™ Stubble Eraser™ takes you from 7-day stubble to clean-shaven so you can get the look you want, with less tug and pull.

A contest page for the new Schick Hydro Skin stubble eraser; over one million dollars can be won

For a limited time only, Schick® Hydro has a contest where you have a chance to win $7,000! Hurry up and enter, there’s over $1 million available to be won!

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