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14 Things Women Do That Men Definitely Do Too

Yes, we ALL do that. Men, give your best *skinny-arms-side-pose* and reclaim your sensitive side with a Schick Hydro razor.

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1. Practice yoga.


Yes, men do yoga. And if you're a man and haven't, you're missing out. The longer the bend, the better the Savasana.

2. Enjoy being cradled.


There's no such thing as a "big spoon" or a "little spoon" anymore. It's 2014.

3. Fix their 'brows.

Beauty takes some brawn.

4. Prefer not to see the toilet seat up.


Whoever you are and however you pee — it's better.

5. Change their outfits countless times before going out.


Every masterpiece has a few rough drafts.

6. Pose in their most flattering angles.


No matter your gender, there's no shame in sucking it in.

7. Look up recipes on Pinterest.

There are so many creative ideas worth sharing!
Rachel / CC BY-ND http://2.0 / Via Flickr: mia3mom

There are so many creative ideas worth sharing!

8. Use their phones as mirrors.


Why NOT save yourself an arbitrary trip to the bathroom?

9. Change using secret, "no-show" strategies.


Just because there isn't a bra to unhinge doesn't mean there aren't workarounds required.

10. Get excited about sales.


Cheaper is better, and better is bacon.

11. Dream about falling in love.


No, but seriously.

12. Sing "Let It Go."

The cold never bothered men anyway EITHER.

13. "Hot dog legs."

Sure, why not?

14. And, of course... elliptical.

Bad knees know no gender binary.

Sensitive men, rejoice! The Schick Hydro razor is made for your comfort. Go ahead. Feel all the feels.