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12 Reasons Single Men Are Happy Men

Nothing wrong with that. Being in a relationship has a lot of benefits, but single guys have it pretty good as well. Be comfortable in your own skin with the Schick Hydro razor.

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1. Single men know the joy of wanting to see a movie and actually getting to watch it without a debate or explanation.


They also don't have to pretend to like that reality TV show about cakes and weddings.

2. Valentine's Day is just another day where they don't have to spend a billion dollars on dinner.


It's just another great day in the life of a single guy.

3. Their response to "Hey dude, we're going on a road trip. Wanna come?" is given without having a phone call or lengthy discussion first.


Single men get to see the world whenever they want.

4. Their calendars aren't filled with anniversary booby traps.


The dreaded "one month anniversary of the first date" is none of their concern.

5. And they don't have to memorize someone else's army of friends.


"Hey Sarah, how's the new finance job going? Wait, which one are you again?"

6. Their wallets are always exploding with money.


If you're in a relationship, you tend to eat at more restaurants, go to more shows, and spend more money on a person who's not you. No thanks.

7. Single people have more friends, because they go out with their friends, and their friends are like, "Cool, there's my friend!"


I'll be there for youuuuuuu.

8. When they're out, they get to flirt with whoever the hell they want.

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Flirting isn't illegal.

9. Which is good, because single people are usually in better shape.


Getting cushy in a relationship is the best way to start getting cushy in your body.

10. Single men have more time to do the things they want to do on the side.


Want to spend your time picking up another language? Doing stand-up comedy? Inventing something? Go for it, single guy.

11. They don't get in nearly as many fights as people who are in a relationship. / Via

Conversation doesn't get stale, because you're not always eating with the same person.

12. In short: