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The 5 Best Non Basketball Moments Of The 2017 NBA Finals

... If you're a Golden State fan.

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5. When David West and Tristan Thompson got a little too close

Cute. Let's hope Khloe Kardashian doesn't get too jealous.

4. When Durant and James had some choice words for one another


3. When Steph Curry... did this

Durant hit's the most clutch shot of the entire series and I guess Steph had a little message for the Cavs..

2. When KD and Rihanna shared a moment

KD letting Rihanna know who the real King is.

1. And lastly, when KD and his mom finally got to celebrate being NBA Champions

The 2014 NBA MVP, 2017 NBA Finals MVP, and THE REAL MVP all sharing a huge hug.

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