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6 People You've Met If You've Ever Worked With Prepared Food

Food brings out the worst in people.

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1. Overly friendly middle aged men.

Despite your best efforts to politely dismiss all of his "compliments" you find yourself just awkwardly smiling and nodding as you (rush through) finish his order.

2. People who have no idea what they are doing.

At this point you'd assume that anyone over the age of 12 would know what it takes to order food or really anything of that matter. You're pretty sure, however, that this lady has never in her life had to do anything of the sort. Ever. You're surprised she even found the counter.

3. People who have never heard of pre-ordered catering.

Oh, you want 7 trays for an hour from now? You're feeding 50 people? Thats great for you, however, we are up to our waists in orders, and there is a line out the door. Maybe you should have called two days ago, or I don't know, when you planned the party.

4. People who stand in line for an extended amount of time and didn't think to look at the menu.

What the hell were you doing for 20 minutes, that you don't know what kind of bread we have?

5. That old lady who takes it personally when were out of anything.

Yes, I have personal vendetta against you and i'm hiding all of the product. Why don't you build a bridge and get over it.

6. The asshole on his/her phone the whole time.

Oh I'm sorry. Am i interupting? Let me just make your food however I'd like then.

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