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Diffusers Of Essential Oils, Are They All The Same?

The diffusers of essential oils are widely used by lovers of aromatherapy as it is an ideal way to benefit from this therapy. 1 Features 2 What is a Diffusers Essential Oils? 3 How Diffusers Essential Oils are used? 4 Why it therapeutically?

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An essential oil is an aromatic product that is extracted from the Aromatic and Medicinal Plants PAM by the steam trapping technique (and in the case of citrus fruit by expression of its shell). It is very concentrated, aromatic, non-greasy, insoluble in water and volatile. This last characteristic is the one that allows that when uncovering a jar that contains it we can perceive its aroma. And it is the one that we use in the diffusers of essential oils to aromatize the air of the rooms and to receive the benefits of this product.

The volatile characteristic is the one that for the diffusion most interests us. I define volatility as the passage of a liquid substance to gas under ambient temperature conditions. If we increase the temperature then the volatility also increases. In the case of essential oils, what interests us is that they can disperse in the air more quickly and that they can reach wider spaces.

What is an Essential Oils Diffusers?

A diffuser of essential oils in the sense we use in Aromatherapy is an element that helps us through the traditional heat and usually from a tea candle to more effectively disperse the essential oils. In order to generate heat, focus can also be used (this is called electric diffusers).

There are diffusers of ultrasonic or cold essential oils, which were already discussed in another article.

It is also possible to use essential oils from a simple handkerchief or cotton left outdoors to jewelry specially designed to be used individually, passing through a myriad of attachments that release essential oils into the air.

How are the Essential Oil Diffusers used?

The essential oil is added to a container with hot water, because if exposed to direct fire they will most likely burn and thus the therapeutic properties are lost.

The candle diffuser and electric increase the temperature of the water where the essential oils are placed in such a way that although these are insoluble in water, they are "transported" by the water vapor that rises from the container where they are contained. It is important here to say that the heat source should NOT boil the water. The temperature should only be enough to allow the volatility of the essential oils and the evaporation of the water in a gentle way.

In any case, the essential oils must be "released" from the bottle to conquer the air ... And beyond.

The diffusers of essential oils, allow to use only an essential oil or a mixture of them. Some, however, should be used with care: Ginger, thyme, mint, cinnamon, rosemary can be very irritating to exposed skin such as facial skin or delicate mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.

It is considered safe to add from 5 drops to 12-15 drops of pure or well mixed essential oils to make a synergy that raises its therapeutic properties.

What do they serve therapeutically?

The diffusers of essential oils, basically serve to:

To release the aromas of essential oils in the air and from there perceive themselves pleasantly. This technique is very suitable to modulate the pleasure responses of the people who receive their aromas. It is suitable for setting the common and individual spaces and impact for example in cases of insomnia, stress, anxiety, fear, uneasiness. Suitable essential oils for example are: Lavender, sandalwood, amaro, marjoram, lemon, mandarin, cedar, geranium, litsea, etc.

To achieve clean environments since ALL the essential oils have cleaning, antiseptic, air properties. This is very suitable to impact a respiratory system that suffers for example respiratory tract infections such as in colds, colds, tonsillitis, sinusitis. Essential oils suitable for this purpose are: mint, rosemary, ravensara, eucalyptus, thyme, etc.

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