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21 Tips To Improve Hair

When you use an unsuitable shampoo for the type of hair you have, it will overload. You will notice it mainly in the scalp, whose roots are getting more and more fat and the hair, more opaque and without life. Then, try to use products that are according to your type: smooth, wavy, greasy, dry, battered, coloured etc. "

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1. At least every eight days, have a rinse that contains vitamins or a mask to maintain the health of the hair.

2. Shine. The hair is affected by agents such as chlorinated water and the sun, and the use of brushes, dryers, dyes and others, which make it look opaque, lifeless. There are products with aminos, vitamins and microsilicones that help repair these damages.

3. Canes. Yes to henna for the first gray hairs and dyes with low oxidation for sensitive scalps or with an average percentage of gray hairs. The tincture with normal oxidation is for those who have gray hairs in a high percentage.

4. Shape hair with styling products that help give volume. Hair looks better when they take advantage of their natural falls.

5. Style is free now and trends more open, although unequal cuts are imposed, both for long and short hair.

6. Fringe or capul. It favors, above all, those who have a broad forehead.

7. Gels. They apply to all types of hair and generally serve to manipulate or mold better. Moisturizing hair is vital. Cosmetics have advanced a lot and for each type of hair there is an appropriate product.

8. Innovating and illuminating is often the key to ever-changing hair, in keeping with the latest trends.

9. Playing with accessories like clips, balacas, buckles and combs is a good alternative, because they help to put together a hairstyle and get out of trouble.

10. Washing your hair every day is preferable not to wash it. If it is done daily, so that it does not spoil it is advisable to use a very fine shampoo, combined with another extrasuave.

11. Always look in a rearview mirror to see your hair from behind. Do not forget the image offered by the back.

12. Do not ever contradict the hair, do not change its nature. If it is wavy apply products that favor it, if it is smooth, do not subject it to curling treatments.

13. Reviews. When someone tells you that your hair is "super", believe it; The gaze of others almost never fails.

14. Hairdresser and counselor are synonymous. Trust yours. Hairdressing increases self-esteem by one hundred percent.

15. Rollers. If you learn to put them on well and then comb your hair, you are saved. They are the most innocuous and faithful helpers.

16. Feel free with a good cut; You can get up in the morning and comb your hair, not rely on the hairdresser.

17. Tincture. Never dye and smooth or permanent the same day. It is not advisable for the components of these products. The more blond you are, the worse it gets; The hair does not resist them.

18. One cut for each age: at 20, at the height of the back; At 30, to the chest; At 40, on the shoulder; At 50, to the chin; At 60, to the ear.

19. Vitality comes from life. Do not skimp on products that give hair vigor, which revitalize. There are more and better products at your disposal.

20. It's time to change your look. It is always good, always serves, always feels. Leave the fear aside and "change your hair".

21. Beware of anything that prevents your hair from looking better every day by allowing it. Do not save on the care of this one.More tips on daily deal sites

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