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10 Reasons You Should Be Watching "The Feed" On SBS 2

The Feed isn't your basic boring news; it's news without the boring bits. Check it out on SBS 2, 7.30pm Monday – Friday.

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3. They're an M-rated news show, so they can say "FUCK" whenever they want.

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"So what?" Well, with an M, you're treated like the mature person you are, and there's no pussyfooting around swear words or other things.

4. There are some really surprising guests. Like really super-famous people. Some with whom Marc flirts*.

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It's no secret TV in Australia is pretty damn white. Like painfully white. On The Feed, you'll see people of all colours, shapes, sizes, and identities, from all over the country.

8. They don't ask stupid "questions" because it's 2016.

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"Is blackface racist?" "Are trans people real?" "Is it OK to be gay?" "Is climate change happening?" "Should same-sex marriage be legal?"

All "questions" they don't ask because it's 2016, and the answer is yes. Seriously.

9. They're an amazing team.

Totally full of people who love and respect each other and their audience and are committed to the issues that matter. But actually they are, even with the banter you see here.

10. And finally this:

The Feed – Monday to Friday, 7.30pm on SBS 2. Check it out online or on your TV.