Gomez And Morticia Addams Have The Best Marriage Ever

They’re creepy and they’re kooky and they’re in a pretty solid and mutually respectful relationship, actually.

1. Witness the greatest relationship in pop culture history.

Filmways Television / Via childrenplaywithdeadthings.tumblr.com

2. They express affection… uniquely.

Filmways Television / Via maryannehermanni.tumblr.com

3. And their cutesy couple-talk isn’t exactly traditional. Though it is festive!

Paramount Pictures / Via mysticmagiccreatures.tumblr.com

4. But it doesn’t make them less adorable.

Filmways Television / Via baroness-von-frankenstein.tumblr.com


5. See? Romantic as hell.

Paramount Pictures / Via mattybing1025.tumblr.com

6. Gomez Addams, bringing his A-game.

Paramount Pictures / Via anamorphosis-and-isolate.tumblr.com

7. They know how to have fun together.

Filmways Television / Via hookah-hontas.tumblr.com

8. They dance together.

Filmways Television / Via cynicwithasmile.tumblr.com

9. They dance really well, actually.


10. They’re excellent hosts.

Paramount Pictures / Via hannibalskitchens.tumblr.com

11. Always willing to cater to the needs of their guests.

Filmways Television / Via justgothythings.tumblr.com

12. They’re a dope couple AND great parents.

Paramount Pictures / Via psychototallyawesome.tumblr.com

Best table manners. Only table manners.

13. They understand the importance of family bonding.

Filmways Television / Via sinkinginboiledbrains.tumblr.com


Filmways Television / Via horror-wednesdays.tumblr.com

A+ mothering.

15. Theirs is definitely not a sexless marriage.

Filmways Television / Via lissetfsf.tumblr.com

17. Not.

Filmways Television / Via the-monster-and-the-lady.tumblr.com

18. I mean DANG.

Paramount Pictures / Via occulttrainingwheels.tumblr.com

19. Just gonna leave this here.


20. Even if things get a little — ahem — rough, they always hug it out in the end.

Filmways Television / Via blackewhitelover.tumblr.com

21. C’mon, that’s a solid looking marriage right there.

Filmways Television / Via peek-a-fucking-boo.tumblr.com
Filmways Television / Via ohgeedixiedee.tumblr.com

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