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    22 Dogs Who Are Excellent Wingmen

    These dogs are pros at being bros.

    1. "Is it cool that I invited some friends over?"

    2. "I'm checking her Facebook favorites. We're gonna make her a mixtape."

    3. "Hello did you know that my friend is studying to be a doctor he is going to help children he is very smart you should meet him wait hello come back..."

    4. "Just pretend my name is Sasha. It's called practicing."

    5. "Really, if you can't make a decent negroni, why would she even talk to you?"

    6. "I TOLD you she'd message you back."

    7. "Take notice, man. Chicks dig rebels. Quick, find a sign."

    8. "I say we head down to the independent bookstore and ask that cute salesclerk for help."

    9. "And that's how he saved my life. He's really an incredible guy. You wouldn't want his phone number, would you?"

    10. "I told you this would be easier than trying to get abs."

    11. "You go talk to her. I'll flirt with her friend."

    12. "Yes the shirt's on purpose. You'll look cooler by comparison."

    13. "I'll play some music. Really set the mood."

    14. "You need the bedroom? Dope. I got the couch."

    15. "We're going to happy hour! Is this not how you dress for happy hour?"

    16. "No, you can't have your phone back. You text after two days. Not three hours. It's the rules."

    17. "Just let me know when it's time to play a slow jam."

    18. "We literally could not look cooler right now. You're welcome."

    19. "This is Carla. She recently got back from a trip abroad in Ecuador — you were thinking about going to Ecuador next spring, weren't you?"

    20. "Come on man! Six days a week until we get pecs. I THOUGHT WE WERE IN THIS TOGETHER."

    21. "OK, a think a couple of them are watching. Go for a long pass."

    22. "Sorry it didn't work out, man. There's more of these in the fridge if you want."

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