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Perks Of “Pay As You Go” Energy Meter For Your Home In 2017

Read on to find out how prepaid energy mechanisms can be a worthwhile decision for your home this year...

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The buzzword of contemporary energy scene, “pay as you go” energy meter is commanding good attention and active participation of late. No wonder, there’re around 6 million pay-as-you-go meters across the UK domestic utility scene today. Also known as “Prepayment meter”, the very concept follows the notion of prepaid mobile recharge policy where you will pay the amount in advance instead of a monthly or quarterly bill- and your house will receive energy supply equivalent to your advance payment. You can top up your energy meters online, in the post offices or other designated offline outlets.

So, why do you think the prepayment meter is so popular of late? Well, the post below offers insights on the advantages of having pay as you go energy meter for your home in 2017.

Good control on energy expense

This is one of the most important advantages of taking to pay-as-you-go energy meter as soon as possible. A quick look at your budget will reveal that your utility bills cover one of the priciest expense areas and the prepayment meter will help you here with good control on energy expense. How? Well, akin to your mobile prepaid recharge, here too you cannot enjoy the service if the prepaid gets exhausted which eliminates risks of unmindful waste of energy – that is usual with traditional post paid energy bills with standard meter. This way, you can easily have a careful check on the energy usage and simultaneously cut down on your expenses that will further reward you with a dandy savings end of the month.

No such bill shocks

Conventional electric bills have a knack of shocking us every now and then with sky-high bill amounts that leave you wondering when did you consume so much of energy! Well, you can be assured of no such unwanted menaces as you switch to pay as you go” energy meter for your home in 2017. It’s because, the whole system works with upfront payment and you will know beforehand how much exactly you are going to get.

No dispute on energy consumption

This point is a continuation of the point mentioned above. One of the most common reasons of tiff between landlords and tenants is high electricity bills. There are situations where tenants have complained of unnecessarily higher electricity bills being posed by landlords when they haven’t consumed so much. But with prepayment energy meter, everything would be paid in advance which effectively will prevent such confusions and tiffs.

Good for landlords

The prepayment energy meters are good for landlords as well. Unethical tenants are not uncommon and there have been cases where tenants have fled the property after mindless electric consumption- leaving the landlord with a sky-high energy bill end of the month. With prepayment meters, the landlords will have the peace of mind as tenants would only get the electricity they have paid for in advance.

Finally, yes, it’s true that prepayment meters are tad costly over standard meters but then with new independent suppliers chartering into the market, competitive tariffs are not far behind.

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