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How To Access iCloud From Any Device

Here is an insight into how you can access iCloud from any device

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iCloud is one of the most interesting features of your Apple devices which ensures that you always have real time access to yours photos, contacts, documents and notes readily accessible at any given time. It is the most universal way to review, manage, and edit your information across all of your Apple devices simultaneously. Irrespective of which Apple device you’re using, you always have the most up to date documents when you need them. iCloud works in the background to ensure that any shareable data in your iOS devices is uploaded and saved for you to access with your Apple ID and password.

Besides acting as a one stop drive for all your images and documents, iCloud also hosts numerous Tips for Bypass iCloud such as Find My Phone owners to Check iCloud Status, iPad, or iPod touch and prevent any misuse when a device is lost, stolen or misplaced.

There are multiple ways you can access your files in iCloud Drive from other devices. This could happen if you misplace or lose your iPad or iPhone or simply want to change your device. Below is a guide on how you can access iCloud from various devices.

1. For your iPhone, iPad and iPod

Ideally an iOS platform of 9 or higher is required to set up iCloud on your devices. If you need the latest version of iOS to be updated, you can go to the Settings menu, click on General and then Software update to check for an available update. You can now follow the instructions in the setup assistant and set up iCloud.

2. For Mac

Ensure that your Mac is running the latest version of OS X and select System Preferences from the menu of your Mac. You need to find iCloud and then enter your Apple ID and select the services you want to enable.

For both the above methods, it is imperative that you enable automatic downloads in all your above devices to store and share your files seamlessly.

3. For Your PC

If you want to enable iCloud on your PC, you have to first set up your iCloud account either on your IOS devices or Mac and then install it for Windows on your PC. Ensure that your Operating System is Windows 7 or later.

4. For your Android Gadget running Google Chrome

You need to first find out which server of iCloud hosts your account before you set up your email on Android. You can obtain this information by accessing the Public Calendar with your Iphone or Mac and locating your server number. You will find a url which reads: webcal:// where the number pxx is your server number. Now simply create a new IMAP account on your email portal on your Android device. You have to add your email address, the user name i.e. your Apple ID and iCloud password. Check the server which should read as, where pXX should be the server number you need to put.

You can access your iCloud contacts only if your Android phone supports CalDAV and CardDAV. If it doesn’t synchronization needs to be allowed with the help of third party apps. This way your contact settings can be accessed as well as the recently downloaded applications. Similarly, you need to use as the contacts server.

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