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10 Reasons Why Every Season Of "American Horror Story" Is The Best

We lived in the murder house, escaped the asylum, protected the coven, attended the freakshow, and checked into the hotel.

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10. Although antagonists do gruesome things, it's hard to hate their character


Villains like Tate Langdon and James March have done criminal things, but in their best moments, you can't help but to smile.

9. Every character brings something to the table


Without any of the characters in each season, the plot would be a lot different; it's almost like everybody is a main character.

8. All the seasons are connected.


In Hotel, there was a crossover with Murder House, in which Liz visited Dr. Charles Montgomery at the murder house, along with other crossovers in different seasons as well.

7. All the characters have distinctive qualities


For example, Violet Harmon is a teenage girl whose mind is always in a dark place and she couldn't care less about what other people thought of her; she just roams the school halls with a cigarette between her fingers.

6. The witches from Coven have awesome powers


Queenie has the power to hurt herself, but others feel the pain. How amazing is that?

5. The OTPs always give us the feels

If you're a Tate and Violet shipper, you will get it.

4. Every season is suspenseful and keeps you at the edge of your seat

Even though cliffhangers aren't something we love, they always keep us interested.

3. Evan Peters in every season is just perfection


Seriously, how can you not love that adorable face?

2. All the actors are lovable


They're talented at what they do and can play a variety of roles flawlessly.

1. And finally, just everything about the show is wonderfully addicting


The suspense and gory of it all keeps us fans wanting more and more. While the sixth season is around the corner and the writers are keeping the theme a secret, we know that we will enjoy whatever theme it turns out to be no matter what!

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