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16 Creative Ways To Win Your Secret Santa This Year

Secret Santa gift exchanges are an opportunity to get kitschy, nostalgic, or just plain odd. Here are 16 quirky gifts and the people they’d be perfect for, brought to you by Savers and Value Village thrift stores.

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1. The Grumpy Gus


If you're stuck buying a gift for someone with a surly attitude, loosen them up with a hilarious Big Mouth Billy Bass. They'll definitely have a better attitude once they hear Billy sing "Rollin' on the River" a few hundred times.

12. The Partier

Red Cup Living / Via

If someone in your office still talks non-stop about their hard-partying college glory days, nothing will make them happier than a gift that lets them relive the memories all day long. They'll love drinking their coffee (or something harder) out of a porcelain mug.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect vintage gift or something wacky and fun, start your search at Savers and Value Village thrift stores.