16 Animals Who Are Prepping For The Holidays

The holidays spark tons of joy and excitement, and not just in humans. Here are 16 adorable animals who are so psyched for the yuletide, brought to you by Savers and Value Village thrift stores.

1. The animals heard it was that time of year again.

“Oh, hello there.”

2. They’re helping us decorate the tree.


“Let me just, um, readjust this one more time. Nope, that’s not right. Hmmm.”

3. They’re ready for the treats.


“Oh heeeeeey! I’ll take that last cookie, yes, please!”

4. They’re takin’ breaks from holiday prep to play in the snow.

“Comin’ in hot! We hear sleigh bells!”

5. And are ready to burn off all those holiday calories.

“Time to make a new personal record.”

6. Burn, baby, burn!

“Why did we go for seconds?!”

7. They love making snow forts.

“Surprise! I was in here the whole time.”

8. And getting lost in the snow.

“I can’t feel my paws.”

9. They’re helping us wrap.


“Looks like we’re done. Great job!”

10. They’re playing dress-up at home.

“Hello. I’m here for Santa’s reindeer auditions. Sorry I’m late.”

11. And on the go.

“The quickest way to the North Pole is by way of the sea, I say.”

12. They’re posing for pictures.

“I’m ready to be the face of our family Christmas cards because I am beautiful.”

13. They get so excited upon finding out that Santa came.

“He came! He came! I knew I’ve been good this year!”

14. But when all the presents have been opened they get just as cranky as we do.

“I. Want. More.”

15. At least they help us clean up.

“I’ll just put this down here.”

16. And patiently await next year’s holiday season.

“I shall now nap from now until next year.”

So get pumped up, because these pets sure are. Spread the cheer and be sure to check out Savers and Value Village thrift stores for tacky holiday sweaters, white elephant or Secret Santa gifts, and festive vintage holiday decor.

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