15 Awesome DIY Costumes That Will Inspire You This Halloween

Picking a Halloween costume is a very important decision. If you’re like most people, you wait until the last minute and stress out. Here are 15 fun DIY costumes that will inspire you to get started, brought to you by Savers and Value Village thrift stores, your one stop for Halloween.

1. Flash Dance

On The Cheap Tip / Via youtube.com

What You’ll Need:
Willingness to dance all night
Trench coat
Cut-off sweater

Full video

2. Walking Dead Spoiler Alert

What You’ll Need:
Uniform shirt
Sewable badges
Paper bandage

Although it depends on the spoiler, obviously.

3. A Gold Digger

theodditoriumnet / Via youtube.com

What You’ll Need:
Gold accessories
Gold-colored clothing (the flashier the better)

Full video

4. Bert and Ernie

What You’ll Need:
Ugly sweater
Face paint
Bald wig
Rubber ducky
Cut-up afro wig

5. Censored Streaker

What You’ll Need:
Not much
A cardboard box, painted black
White paint

6. A Piñata

What You’ll Need:
Colored cardboard paper
See-through mask

The inventor of this costume sent their child door-to-door so the piñata costume could be filled up with candy.

7. The Pixar Lamp

What You’ll Need:
All-white clothing
Transparent white fabric

8. iPod Ads

What You’ll Need:
Poster board (reinforced)
All-black clothing
Neon paint

9. Marge Simpson

What You’ll Need:
A lot of yellow paint
Vintage-style green dress
Beehive wig made of papier-mâché and cotton

10. The Abducted

Creative Commons / Via youtube.com

What You’ll Need:
The top half of a mannequin (or a homemade equivalent)
The bottom half of a mannequin (or pants filled with paper and wires)
Old clothes

11. Nyan Cat

What You’ll Need:
Rainbow flag (or construct your own from colored fabric)
Cloth jam toast from colored fabric
Cat ears
Face makeup

12. Wikipedia

What You’ll Need:
Wire frame
White paint
Black paint

13. Banksy’s Flower Thrower

What You’ll Need:
Black clothing
White paint
Bouquet of flowers

14. Transforming Police Car

What You’ll Need:
Some engineering know-how
Foam board

15. Barbecue Grill

What You’ll Need:
Hula hoop
Steel wire
Sparkly “grill” mouthguard

Check out the complete instructions.

Whether you’re looking to make a masterpiece from scratch or find something perfect off the shelf, get creative this Halloween at Savers and Value Village thrift stores.

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