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    33 Best Harry Potter Tumblr Posts

    You know you love it. This is just for your entertainment.

    1. Sirius the Elder

    2. Remus is the best.

    3. All of these names are better.

    4. Voldemort is sooooo stupid

    5. Hogwarts University

    6. It'll be easy to steal a Gryffindor password.

    7. Ron and Harry are as dumb as Voldemort

    8. High Helga Hufflepuff

    9. Every Harry Potter fan

    10. 927,653 POINTS FOR DUMBLEDORE!!!!!

    11. Houses on Tumblr

    12. Ravenclaw or Slytherin?

    13. Poetry and Art

    14. Scrabble ruins many relationships :'(

    15. S-muggle borns

    16. Muggle Music Be Dope

    17. S-muggle borns 2

    18. What are the other houses????????

    19. *George claps himself and cries*

    20. Ugh, that Muggle money

    21. Mary Poppins is a WITCH?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    22. Muggle-borns would love homework

    23. More muggle-born stuff

    24. Ireland rocks!

    25. Seriously, what is with QUILLS?!

    26. James and Harry are always the same.

    27. Hermione the Savage *dabs*

    28. To do or to not do the thing

    29. When a teacher asks for a summary

    30. SO *sobs* BEAUTIFUL!!!

    31. Totally would have happened :)


    33. Harry is insane

    Oh god, Tumblr is life.