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19 "SNL" GIFs That Prove Saturday Is The Best Day Of The Week

Saturday: It's the only day that's better than Lazy Sunday.

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1. Your workweek is tough.

2. By the time Friday afternoon rolls around, you've completely given up.

3. But then, before you know it...

4. Saturday is like a tiny vacation that happens every single week!

5. It's an entire day to do whatever you love the most.

6. You can go to the club and dance the night away...

7. ...or you can have a dance party in your own living room.

8. You can use your Saturday to hang out with your best friend...

9. ...or have fun with a bunch of friends.

10. Saturday is the one day of the week that you get to live like an unemployed person.

11. You can use it to learn a new hobby...

12. ...or practice an old one.

13. You can even spend your Saturday doing something you've never done before.

14. Saturday is so great that we need to invent a new word to describe it.

15. So relax and cut loose a little!

16. Wear whatever you want...

17. ...and maybe call an old friend you haven't seen in a while.

18. Just remember that Saturday is your day to just do you...

19. don't EVER let a Saturday go to waste.

All images provided courtesy of Saturday Night Live/NBC Television

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