The Dilemma Of Sexual Objectification

Sexual objectification happens more and more everyday, it is becoming unnoticed…

We grow up in a media culture that has a strong emphasis on suggesting that a women’s worth is coupled with their looks and sexual appeal to men.

What is the definition of sexual objectification? It is the reduction of people to physical objects of sexual desire.

Now days, both men and women are viewing women as body parts whereas more men as viewed as a whole body.


Does sexual objectification have an effect on a woman’s mental health?
There has been extensive research done that has found an association between sexual objectification and mental health outcomes. This could range from eating disorders to depression.

The sexual objectification of women indirectly contributes to mental health challenges because it leads to self-objectification.

It is important to know that not only women are sexually objectified. Men also fall victim to this for example many calendar spreads are full of half naked men with wash board abs. But even in the cases of male objectification, there is still awareness that it is a man. In most cases his face is usually still in the image and he is not showing only his butt or his chest.

Will a change ever be made?
The change comes from you and I… The first step should be awareness to sexual objectification. A zoomed in version of a women’s chest should not be used to sell a a car, neither a sofa. Nudity should not be the focus of these objects sales. This is disservice.
Take more notice when you are standing in line at a grocery store to what magazines are advertising for. Pay attention during commercial breaks at what is being advertised.


Tips to avoid sexual objectification person
1. Compliment something other than a physical characteristic
2. Avoid a compliment that has a sexual connotation
3. Be genuine

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