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Which Derp Squad Member Are You?

Have you ever wondered if you are Nina, Moof, Ben, Sasha, Jake, or Simran? Well now you can find out!

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  1. What is your go-to place to eat on route-one?

    Kung Fu Tea
    Milkboy Art House
  2. What is your typical Friday night activity?
    Just Chillin
    Game Night (So I can win!!!)
    Some well deserved "me time"
    Jammin' / Making Music
    Spending time w/ the fam
  3. What's your ideal vacation spot?
    Backpacking through Europe
    Somewhere Exotic
    West Coast
    All of the National Parks
  4. People would describe you as...
    Social Butterfly
    Easy Going
  5. Post-Grad plans?
    Even MORE school (o:
    Putting my STEM degree to WORK
    Go abroad
    Silicon Valley
    Something creative AF
  6. Ideal date spot?
    Biking / Picnic
    Somewhere under the stars
    Sunset Hike
    Disney World
    Anything but home
  7. What makes you "extra"?
    Emotionally Immature
    Wanting to do the most
    Loud eater
    Obsessively competitive
    Extra Sass

Which Derp Squad Member Are You?

You got: Nina "Panini" Dinh

You’re Nina! You like to spend time with your family and friends and prefer low-key hang outs over parties. You’re a good listener, which is why your friends can always count on you. You also appreciate nature and are always down to spend time in the great outdoors. Even though your future plans are still a mystery to you, you’re chill with that. When in doubt, like Panini, just ask: "What would Gutsy Girl do?" #WWGGD

Nina "Panini" Dinh
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You got: Simran "Simz" Chawla

Congrats, you are Simran! You are well balanced, from being able to handle the struggles of STEM life to creating great artistic pieces. You appreciate staying in as much as you do going out and experiencing new adventures. Just like Simran, you are great with going with the flow. When school is not taking over your life, you love to enjoy playing some sports and laughing at a great sitcom.

Simran "Simz" Chawla
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You got: Moof "Caribouftiat" Ogunsanya

Congrats, you are Moof! You have a wonderfully bright demeanor. You can be outgoing, but express yourself best by writing some kickass haikus. You appreciate some quality "me time" and have learned the importance of self care. You have strong ambitions and want to make a difference in the world. Like Moof, you are a kind and appreciative soul, who wants to do big things in this world.

Moof "Caribouftiat" Ogunsanya
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You got: Jake "Jacuzzi" Hughes

Congrats, you are Jake! You are caring and empathetic, but you also really like potatoes. You are not about going out because the quadruple-S’s are no fun (Super Sweaty Social Situations). However, you’re always down for a late night adventure or just staying in with Ben & Jerry’s and How I Met Your Mother. You really value friends and family and people with incredible voices, but do NOT value mushrooms. When not designing gorgeous websites, you just want a beer, and a pretzel, and a great hike

Jake "Jacuzzi" Hughes
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You got: Ben "Benji" Graney Green

You got BEN! (¡¡¡ LOSER !!!) You're anything but mainstream-- you always keep it "no-frills" and would rather indulge in your latest existential insight than try to carry through small-talk. Like Ben, you're known as the person who always keeps themselves busy with creative projects, whether it's by making the next big rock hit or designing phone apps. Way to be innovative-- can't wait to hear about your successful startup!

Ben "Benji" Graney Green
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You got: Sasha "Slosha" Margob

AWEsome, you got Sasha! Wow, you must really love the color purple! Anyway, you're the definition of "work hard, play hard." Like Sasha, you may be a bit burnt out from a long day of classes and helping out the community, but that won't stop you and the club from going up on a Tuesday. You love socializing, which is why everyone hits you up for a good time once the weekend comes around. Not only that, but you care about understanding and helping others because you're compassionate af. You may do the most, but that just means you're the whole package!

Sasha "Slosha" Margob
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