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16 Hilarious Posts Comparing Oct 31st To November 1st

Now that Halloween is over we can finally focus on Mariah Carey again.

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1. *Wakes up Nov. 1st*

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What's Halloween?


3. Two words: Christmas movies!

4. Hello Bublé, bae!

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5. Can't escape those holiday feels.

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6. Wait a sec -- y'all can't forget Turkey Day.

7. Forget the costume you overpaid for & pay attention to mashed potatoes!

8. Unless you're this guy.

9. Take out the stretchy pants.

10. And welcome back hibernation-inducing food comas!


12. Finish off all that Halloween candy.

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13. What's more, there's #NoShaveNovember

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15. News flash, women can participate too!

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16. Let's face it, Halloween ain't got nothing on that holiday hype. / Via Giphy
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