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Sargento Is Giving Away Free Pizzas...if You Can Wait 4-18 Months

Good cheese comes to those who wait.

Psst! Wanna free pizza made with Sargento® Reserve Series™ aged cheese?

Well you're gonna have to wait 4–18 months to get it!

The World's Slowest Pizza Delivery service will make the pizza and deliver it to your door.

You just have to wait for their cheese to age so it can achieve its fullest flavor.

Spring will turn to summer in the four months it will take to deliver an aged Italian pizza.

You could finish a semester of college in the six months it will take this gouda pizza to arrive at your door.

You could make a New Year's resolution, complete it, and start next year's resolution as you wait on this Parmesan pizza for 14 months.

You could probably cry over a break up, learn to love yourself again, move on, and find a new love while you wait 18 months for the aged cheddar pizza.

Order one for your birthday — well, your next birthday, probably.

Just found out you're pregnant? They'll deliver it to the delivery room!

Don't have any friends to share a large pizza with?

Don't worry! You'll have 18 months to find them!

When your pizza is ready, they'll deliver it as soon as possible. Because by that time, you'll have waited long enough.

Images courtesy of Sargento

Head over to The Slowest Pizza Delivery's site to learn how to get a slice of your own well-aged pie!

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