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Features Of Email Analytics Tools

Email marketing is one of the best ways for the promotion of the business or the product. The analytics is the business term used for the analysis of the data and the record of the company. The email marketing tools enable the person to run the beneficial campaign through the email system. The email marketing system is the best business intelligence tools that monitor the email analytics and other advanced analytics like predictive analytics, mining, statistical analytics and big data analytics.

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Features of email marketing

Email marketing is considered as the best means for the analysis of the data and the promotions of the business. The main features and tools that make the email marketers and analytics best are discussed below.

1.Tracking of statistics

The tool works by tracking all the statistics and data under one roof. The best feature is that it keeps all the data organized and update. The data is beautifully arranged so that the user does not face any problem searching the required file. The person can find the file by writing name, tags or the date of the document. it is best because all the data is present under one roof that is present in the single tool.

2.Optimize by device

The tool is optimized for the mobile device. The responsive design provides the mobile subscribers with the best possible email experience. It is the best tool the person can manage it with the mobile.

3.Segment based on location

The tool is optimized in such a way that the user can get information about the targeted audience. The person can get information that either the audience is local, regional or the global. One can change the sending strategies for the new email campaigns. If the targeted audience is spread in different time zones then it is important to schedule the campaign according to the time of different regions. One can manage it by the time analysis tools so that the campaign time is organized and the people searching for such campaign can find them easily.

4.Management dashboard

Through this tool, one can organize all business related components, files and documents on one page to save the time. This is known as the management dashboard. As all the campaign files are present in one page, the person can perform his work at the short time and during the meeting time, all the data is organized and the clients get impressed with the initiative overview present in one place.

5.Reader engagement analysis

This is an excellent feature of the email analytics tool as one can see that how many people take interest in this email campaign. The person can find that how many emails are deleted, skimmed or read by the people subscribed with the email campaign. In this way, the user can observe that how many subscribers are engaged with the campaign and the person can conclude about the impact of email campaign on the targeted people.

6.Link tracking

Through the heatmaps and the link tracking system one can analyze the interaction of the recipients. One can find the links which to get successful conversions. In this one can optimize and improve the link placement for the next work or project. Through the email marketing tools, the person can find and catch the interaction between the Smartphone, tablets, laptops and desktop users.

7.Target groups

The email marketing effort is useful in running, monitoring and managing the split test. One must identify the target group and compare them according to the performance. One can make the campaign successful by interacting with the people that are involved in the same business. It is important to change the email style of and on to attract the people. In this way, the slight difference can make a huge difference.

8.Live view for the running campaign

One can see and examine how actually the campaign is running in real time. it is good as the person can judge either the effort through email marketing is successful or not. In the case of negative impact, one can make changes in an email to make it more impressive and successful among the targeted people.

9.Reports for email analytics

The tool enables the person to create the report by itself. There is no need to make a report by self. There is the special program that creates the report as well as omits the extra table and charts to make it feasible and acceptable.

10.Export of analytic data

If the person wants to save all the data he can export it as CSV file for the further processing in the premises.

Benefits of email analytics.

The email marketing is thus the successful way to run the campaign as the person can promote different products. The marketing varies from company to company. The email marketing services providers such analytics tools that enable the businessmen to run the successful campaign. The email analytics tools help in two ways

Increasing the open rates

Gaining new subscribers

The person can use these tools to access how he can achieve it. The three basic benefits that the person can get from the email analytics tool are following.

I.It helps the person finding the type of audience who keenly see the campaign on regular basis. In this way, the person can also find the location where there is the presence of more number of targeted people. It also tells about the links that the customers click on the newsletter.

II.The analytics tool provides the click to delivery rate and the businessman can find the people who are interested in the content from the subscriber list. The person can make list and email the content according to the interest of the people.

III.Sometimes the person may lose audience because of the insufficient content or the incomplete email format, the analytic tool allows the person to check the reason for the reduction of the customer and try to improve the setup and email type to make it attractive for the subscribers. It tracks, measures and reports the campaign success efficiently for each and every client. One can confidently utilize the tool for the growth of the business.

Thus the email analytics is the best tool that is used in business and helps to grow the business because of its incredible features. The person who really wants to increase his audience through the email must utilize such tools for the better future and the huge number of the subscribers. All these features for the tools are enough to increase the website traffic as well to enhance the customers.

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