I Never Thought I'd Say This, But I Want To Move To Ohio Now After Seeing What The Average Million Dollar House Looks Like

    California is literally just Kourtney Kardashian's house.

    It's no secret that housing prices are higher than they've ever been before. With the prices going up, everyone's dreams of their own IRL Barbie Dreamhouse are slowly beginning to dim...

    So, as a Gen Z'er who will probably rent for their whole life, I had to use AI to generate what it thinks the average million-dollar house looks like in each state:

    1. Alabama:

    Alabama house

    2. Alaska:

    Alaska house

    3. Arizona:

    Arizona house

    4. Arkansas:

    Arkansas house

    5. California:

    California house

    6. Colorado:

    Colorado house

    7. Connecticut:

    Connecticut house

    8. Delaware:

    Delaware house

    9. Florida:

    Florida house

    10. Georgia:

    Georgia house

    11. Hawaii:

    Hawaii house

    12. Idaho:

    Idaho house

    13. Illinois:

    Illinois house

    14. Indiana:

    Indiana house

    15. Iowa:

    Iowa house

    16. Kansas:

    Kansas house

    17. Kentucky:

    Kentucky house

    18. Louisiana:

    Louisiana house

    19. Maine:

    Maine house

    20. Maryland:

    Maryland house

    21. Massachusetts:

    Massachusetts house

    22. Michigan:

    Michigan house

    23. Minnesota:

    Minnesota house

    24. Mississippi:

    Mississippi house

    25. Missouri:

    Missouri house

    26. Montana:

    Montana house

    27. Nebraska:

    Nebraska house

    28. Nevada:

    Nevada house

    29. New Hampshire:

    New Hampshire house

    30. New Jersey:

    New Jersey house

    31. New Mexico:

    New Mexico house

    32. New York:

    New York house

    33. North Carolina:

    North Carolina house

    34. North Dakota:

    North Dakota house

    35. Ohio:

    Ohio house

    36. Oklahoma:

    Oklahoma house

    37. Oregon:

    Oregon house

    38. Pennsylvania:

    Pennsylvania house

    39. Rhode Island:

    Rhode Island house

    40. South Carolina:

    South Carolina house

    41. South Dakota:

    South Dakota house

    42. Tennessee:

    Tennessee house

    43. Texas:

    Texas house

    44. Utah:

    Utah house

    45. Vermont:

    Vermont house

    46. Virginia:

    Virginia house

    47. Washington:

    Washington house

    48. West Virginia:

    West Virginia house

    49. Wisconsin:

    Wisconsin house

    50. Wyoming:

    Wyoming house

    What do you think? Which one would you want to live in? Let us know in the comments!

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