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    Two Weeks Of "Hamilton" Shows In London Have Been Cancelled And People Are Seriously Angry

    "We don't know where the alternative tickets will be in the theatre and when they will offer them for, which potentially means we can't go when planned. I'm hugely disappointed," one person told BuzzFeed News.

    Hamilton / Via Facebook: HamiltonWestEnd

    Fans have been left hugely disappointed and in many cases seemingly out of pocket after Hamilton, the hit Broadway musical about America's founding fathers, cancelled a run of shows in London.

    The show was due to start on 21 November but that has now been pushed back to 6 December owing to "unhelpful problems that always happen when doing up old buildings." The Victoria Palace Theatre, where it will run, is currently undergoing major refurbishment.

    #HamiltonLDN previews will now begin on 6 December 2017 rather than 21 November 2017. Further details:

    Producers said they would need to reseat what is likely to be hundreds of customers, and that they would be contacted by Ticketmaster by the end of Friday, however many customers were shocked to have found out on social media first.

    Those who have been contacted by Ticketmaster were given the opportunity to select just three alternative performances, with a deadline of seven days to respond.

    Ticketmaster will email all customers affected with reseating information by the end of today.

    Tickets had been in huge demand, with people planning to travel from around the UK and further afield for the opening. Customers have been left concerned about refunds after shelling out hundreds of pounds on hotels and transport.

    One customer who spoke to BuzzFeed News claimed she and eight friends had booked flights from Scotland and paid for hotels. She estimated they had spent around £1,200 between them on travel, accommodation, and tickets.

    The 19-year-old customer, who did not want to be named, told BuzzFeed News she was "super frustrated" and upset after learning about the cancellation online. She said she had seen the announcement online but had not been contacted directly and did not know whether organisers would help with a refund.

    She was also concerned that, because the party had made three separate bookings, they would not be seated together or be given tickets for the same night.

    "We're all super frustrated because we've already booked time off work and organised flights and hotels as well as booked other activities for our time in London," she said, "all of which we'll need to try to cancel or rearrange so we're hoping that we won't lose out on money by doing so.

    "[It has] really put a dampener on what was meant to be a fun winter holiday together."

    Another customer, 34-year-old Sarah Taylor from County Durham who had front row tickets for 2 December, said she too had been left in the dark and had learnt of the cancellations online.

    "Now it's been delayed, we don't know where the alternative tickets will be in the theatre and when they will offer them for, which potentially means we can't go when planned. I'm hugely disappointed," she said.

    Others, too, have expressed disappointment and concern online.

    As if they just postponed/cancelled the whole original preview period for Hamilton London. It's not like people booked flights and hotels. 😡

    Waiting for an email about the cancelled Hamilton glad I didn't book the train yet but I'm still worried :(((((((((

    When you've waited years to see Hamilton &when you finally get tickets they change the dates & give you no information #annoyedaf

    Not cool that my Hamilton tickets have been POSTPONED until further notice cause the theatre isn't ready 🙃

    Cameron Mackintosh, owner of the Victoria Palace Theatre and co-producer apologised for the cancellations, and said that the redevelopment of the theatre was an "extraordinary undertaking".

    He said the theatre had also needed to obtain "the necessary licences to reopen to the public", and had had to take the "pragmatic decision to reschedule" the opening by two weeks.

    "I am, of course, sorry to amend the performance schedule but undertaking a private rebuilding project on this scale in Central London has no precedent," he said.

    Earlier in the month, one person tweeted a photograph of the theatre and questioned whether it would be completed in time.

    Bit worried about the state of the Hamilton theatre build. When do previews start again?

    Jeffrey Seller, Hamilton producer, said he was "extremely sorry to disappoint patrons who we know expended time, effort, and valuable resources to purchase tickets for our first performances. But they will be given immediate priority so that they can be re-seated as early as possible."

    BuzzFeed News asked whether producers had plans to seat people in equivalent seats or refund travel and accommodation costs already paid for, but the organisers did not respond. Correspondence sent by Ticketmaster to affected customers, seen by BuzzFeed News, does not address these concerns.