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Supermarkets Are Rationing Lettuces And People Are Acting Like It's The End Of The World

Some customers are not responding well to a three-lettuce limit, which is being enforced due to bad weather in Spain.

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British supermarkets are facing a supply shortage of a range of salad and vegetable items, including lettuces, courgettes, spinach, aubergines, and broccoli, due to a poor harvest in Spain and "unusually bad weather".

Customers are tweeting to say supermarkets are limiting the sale of certain items to two or three in stores.

Tesco has asked customers to buy no more than three iceberg lettuces, and Asda said it was experiencing limited availability on a number of salad items, courgettes, and aubergines but would "get back up to full supply as quickly as possible".

Sainsbury's also said it had faced supply issues because "severe weather has affected crops".

People are already freaking out about empty supermarket shelves.

😣 I've been trying for three days!! #lettuce #shortage #theraininspain

Oh man @Tesco. What the hell? #lettuceshortage #lettucedrought #bettheyreinstoreifiwentandlooked


It's all kicking off in Tesco #lettuceshortage


This person was particularly concerned about how to decorate his burger and chips without lettuce.

Serious #lettuce shortage in #SouthLeeds. How are we going to decorate our burger and chips? ;) @asda @coopuk &…

The courgette shortage has the nation shook.

Top story @GMB healthy eating threatened by veg shortage... shelves bare at Tesco this morn, feel lucky to get hand…


I found a dealer. Twenty notes a bag. #courgetteshortage #courgettecrisis

A lack of aubergines hasn't escaped attention.

I have been in 2 different supermarkets today and still can't find an aubergine! Is there a shortage I don't know about? πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†

Is there a national veg shortage like?! Been to 4 (yes 4!) different "super"markets and not 1 has aubergine OR courgette #notsosuper #fml


Desperately seeking an aubergine. Is there are shortage for that too? #aubergine #shortage #veg

And apparently there is an issue with spinach, too.

Is there a spinach shortage? Where is all the spinach??

this spinach shortage going on is proper getting me down, feel like theres a part of me missing

Everyone keeps going on about the courgette shortage but there's a legit spinach shortage and I'm fucking raging


Tesco, Sainsbury's, and Asda said the shortages were a result of poor weather, and said they would rectify the issue as soon as possible.

Morrisons was also asked whether it is experiencing supply issues but had not responded at the time of writing.

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