Costa Has Returned To Its Original Black Forest Hot Chocolate Recipe After People Kicked Off

    "No cherry syrupy goodness, no chocolate flakes, no Christmas hug in a cup?!!!" tweeted one disgruntled customer.


    Costa Coffee has returned to its original Blackforest Hot Chocolate recipe after changes to the ingredients in this year's popular Christmas drink left some customers rather unhappy.

    Each year, like other coffee chains, Costa brings out a limited edition festive drinks range. For 2016, Costa ditched the whipped cream and black cherry sauce flourish that had previously made the Blackforest Hot Chocolate a firm favourite.

    But when outraged customer's complained that the new version tasted like "dishwater", or just plain hot chocolate, the coffee chain decided to return to the previous winning formula.

    “We are delighted to confirm that our cherry sauce is back!," a spokesperson for Costa said in a statement.

    "Whilst customers love our Christmas range many got in touch to ask where the cherry sauce on our Blackforest Hot Chocolate had gone.

    "The Christmas favourite will now be served with cherry sauce, unless chocolate sauce is requested."

    A lot of people who previously enjoyed the £3.25 drink had been very excited about it coming back for the 2016 Christmas season.

    Costa has been selling the Black Forest hot chocolate for four years.

    Costa's Christmas drinks come out on Thursday! So excited for a Black Forest Hot Chocolate 🎄

    Costa have black forest hot chocolates again, can guarantee that's all I'm drinking until xmas

    But people were not impressed at all that this year Costa decided to ditch the cherry sauce.

    This is not worth £3.55. Normally the Black Forest Hot Choc is amazing! @CostaCoffee

    What the hell @CostaCoffee?? Your Black Forest H/C isn't a patch on previous years ones; it's just choc on choc. BRING BACK THE CHERRY SYRUP

    Waited ages for Costa to bring out the Christmas menu finally got my fave Black Forest hot chocolate and ITS FUCKING PLAIN HOT CHOCOLATE!😫😡

    Costa's black forest hot chocolate used to be my fave thing ever but it is disgusting this year😭😭

    @CostaCoffee Waited all year for my favourite Black Forest hot chocolate and it's been changed 😢 why Costa?! #ultimatedisappointment

    Fourth @CostaCoffee Black Forest hot choc and fourth disappointment at tasteless dishwater that it is!Waste of money!Change the recipe back!

    This disappointed customer said Costa's Black Forest hot chocolate was now "dead to me".

    The Costa Black Forest Hot Chocolate is dead to me. All I can taste is artificial sweetener and I *hate* the taste of artificial sweetener.

    Man I was looking forward to my @CostaCoffee Black Forest hot chocolate and it was a let down. Tasted like a normal one and no cherry sauce😩

    This person accused Costa of ruining Christmas.

    The black forest hot chocolate is SHITE this year, thanks Costa for ruining Christmas

    Not everyone was disappointed, however. Some people said the drink was a "game changer", "magical", or "the greatest thing ever".

    Black Forest Hot Chocolate from Costa though. 👌

    On Facebook, customers wrote on Costa's wall to let the company know exactly what they thought about the new recipe.

    Facebook: CostaCoffee

    Costa confirmed it had tweaked the recipe and would pass on any customer feedback to its developers.

    “Our Black Forest Hot Chocolate is a customer favourite,” a spokesperson said. "We value all customer feedback and have passed it on to our development team."

    It also tweeted customers to say the taste should not be affected by the absence of the syrup.

    @specialf Whilst the cherry sauce topping has changed it's still the same flavoured (blackberry) monin syrup so shouldn't affect the taste.

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