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Audi R8 TV Ad Banned For "Irresponsibly" Linking Speed And Excitement

The advert shows a driver's pupils dilating with excitement as the car speeds up.

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A television advert for Audi has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for being irresponsible and breaching rules around car advertising.

The watchdog investigated the advert for Audi's R8 car after it received a complaint that challenged whether it linked excitement with driving at speed.

Car manufacturers must adhere to strict rules that mean they cannot demonstrate power and acceleration without a "clear context" of safety; they are also not allowed to glamourise speed.

The ad, which aired in April, showed a driver's pupils dilating as the car accelerated through a tunnel.

Audi said the advert was designed to show the R8 was its "most focused drive yet" and that the ad was shot with the car travelling at speeds of 30mph or below.

It also claimed the acceleration noises featured were meant to showcase the sound of the new engine and quick changes of the gearbox, not speed.

But the ASA ruled viewers would view it as quick acceleration and has banned the ad for breaking rules around social responsibility.

A spokesperson for Audi told BuzzFeed News it "respected the decision".

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