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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Just Earned Her Spot On The Iron Throne In The SXSW "Game Of Thrones/VEEP" Mashup Of Our Dreams

Now that we think about it, maybe Selena Meyer should be the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.

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The cast of VEEP is at South by Southwest in Austin Texas, and they look like they had the greatest time.

The cast was on a panel at the festival. Because the end of Season 5 had a pretty huge finale, the cast and showrunner David Mandel talked about what's next for Selena Meyer and her team. But don't worry, they didn't stick just to business. They had plenty of fun at SXSW as well!

The cast of VEEP took a hilarious pic with the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones at SXSW, and we now NEED to see those two shows cross over. / Via Instagram

The show's stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tony Hale, and Matt Walsh look totally fabulous posing with a version of the Iron Throne at SXSW. And they've even got some serious weapons and a badass crown to go along with it.

The Iron Throne was part of an HBO-themed escape room at SXSW, and now we're crying that we're not in Austin right now. / Via Instagram

If you haven't been in one before, an escape room is a puzzle game. A group gets locked in a room, and they must solve a series of clues within the room in order to escape. But the HBO Escape was a SUPER escape room featuring three rooms. And luckily, the cast of VEEP took us with them on their journey. And as you can see, you're not alone if you haven't been to one. This was Julia's first escape room, too!

VEEP stars Anna Chlumsky, Reid Scott, Gary Cole, Same Richardson, and Timothy Simons went through the escape experience in a separate group. / Via Instagram

We bet they had no problem with the VEEP room. Just look how at home they all look. / Via Instagram

In a perfect parallel with his character, Tony Hale found a very important clue in THE BAG. / Via Instagram

To get out of the VEEP room, they had to open the ballot box of course! And Julia's reaction to what's inside is priceless. / Via Instagram

Next came the Silicon Valley room, which got a little more technical. / Via Instagram

We'd totally buy that they were looking over the latest iteration of Pied Piper in this photo. Because they look seriously focused.

This video of Julia's team in the Silicon Valley room shows how intricate some of these rooms can be. / Via Instagram

OMG and it's a bonus that this escape room is booby trapped!

Next came the Game of Thrones room, and we are seriously geeking out! / Via Instagram

Anna reads out the clue from a piece of parchment, because of course that's how a Game of Thrones escape room would challenge you.

"Winter is coming,
Castle Black is under attack,
You have five minutes to escape,
You must build a map that will guide you to the Iron Throne,
Only then will you be able to open the gate,
Which will require all of your team's strength."

At last, they opened the Iron Gate, leading to the ultimate goal -- the Iron Throne. / Via Instagram

Luckily, it doesn't appear that anyone started a war before letting Julia sit on the throne.

And after their victory sit on the Iron Throne, the gang hit up some delicious BBQ. They earned it with all of that HBO puzzle stopping. / Via Instagram

Basically, the next time we go to a major event like this, we'll need to become best friends with the VEEP cast. Because they seem like the funnest group.

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