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Which Thai Pal Are You???

the time has finally come to figure out which thai pal member you are so order some pad thai, put on a face mask, and take this quiz!!!!

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  1. Describe Yourself in One Word

  2. Favorite Disney Princess?

  3. Phrase You Say Too Much?

    "oh dang"
    "jeez louise"
    "Oh my gosh, really?!"
  4. Scale of Spice Preference

    all spice all the time we don't need a scale
    one time i asked for 6 on a scale of 1-5
    always a 3
  5. Favorite Emoji

    heart eyes
    upside down smile
  6. Dream Guy

    who needs a guy when you have thai pals??
    military guy
    Peace Corps alumni
  7. Favorite Snack

    Dark chocolate covered almonds
    Trail Mix
  8. How Many Kids?

  9. Spirit Animal

    Tropical Fish
  10. Favorite Actor

    Chris Pratt
    Chris Evans
    Zac Efron
  11. Future Career

    Social Worker
  12. and of course--Favorite Thai Food!!!!!!!!

    Kow Pad Prik Pow ~with extra spice~
    Veggie Pad Thai with a side of tom yum is the go-to

Which Thai Pal Are You???

You got: Sarah

You're 100% the most shambly out of the group, which isn't saying much because your group of friends is BOMB. You tend to be quiet at first but when people get to know you...dang are they surprised. You make up for your constant episodes of panic with deep care and love for your friends which you tend to show through handwritten notes or random affirmations. Independent to a fault and constantly on the go but you make sure to schedule in time for your gal pals because they take priority.

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You got: Micayla

You’re a hurricane of a person who likes being busy and chasing after your dreams, but are always down for a cozy girls night in with a chick flick and ice cream. Some people perceive you to be driven and coldhearted, but really you’re just guarded—people love ya when they know ya! Although extremely loyal to friends and family you sometimes scare them with your quirky antics and constant need for adventure. Even so, your sarcasm and kindness make you a perfect fit for the Thai pals

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You got: Kira

You're the high energy friend, thriving on the hustle and bustle of life! You're outgoing and love chatting it up with everyone you meet, from the Uber driver to the local barista you can talk and talk and talk. However, you're particular when it comes to people you get close with and are intentional when it comes to building long-lasting friendships. Devoted and protective over the people you love, you can get so wrapped up in taking care of everyone else and forget yourself. Thank goodness your gal pals who help you slow down life and recharge just when you need it!

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