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    A Chicago Cubs Themed Celebration Menu

    Who wouldn't want to eat some Anthony Rizzoto?

    Every major accomplishment deserves a celebration. It's only natural that the Chicago Cubs deserve a feast now that they're World Series Champions after 108 years. Here's what I imagine would be on the menu:


    The entrees of any feast are the all-stars of the meal. It's only natural that the entrees of this feast are some of the all-stars of this team.

    Dexteriyaki Chicken Fowler

    Kris B. Onion Rings

    Anthony Rizzoto

    Ben Zobrisket

    Addison bRussell Sprouts

    Kyle Schwarburger (With Goat Cheese)

    Albert Almora Junior Mints

    Matt Szczur Salad

    John LacKey Lime Pie

    Sloppy Joe Maddon

    Appetizers and Desserts

    Wrigley Field Greens Salad

    Bunt Cake

    Harry Caray's Green Apple Pie