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The Murder Conviction Of A Man In A BuzzFeed News/Trace Investigation Has Been Overturned

Devon Little’s case was the subject of an investigation into how police departments fail to solve shooting cases, leaving perpetrators free to strike again.

Sarah Ryley 7 months ago

Shoot Someone In A Major US City, And Odds Are You’ll Get Away With It

A shocking number of shootings go unsolved. In some police departments, hundreds of cases aren't investigated at all. A joint investigation by The Trace and BuzzFeed News.

Sarah Ryley 8 months ago

5 Things To Know About Cities’ Failure To Arrest Shooters

The likelihood that police will solve homicides and assaults has plummeted — particularly when the culprit uses a gun, and particularly when the victims are black or Hispanic.

Sarah Ryley 8 months ago

Exclusive: Hundreds Of Devices Hidden Inside New York City Phone Booths

Beacons can push you ads — and help track your every move. Update: Hours after BuzzFeed News exposed the devices, the city ordered the removal of the devices.

Joseph Bernstein 5 years ago